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  • Protecting and Serving Online...
  • Protecting and Serving Online...

    Law Enforcement Social Media

    The greatest community policing tool ever conceived and used by America's law enforcement for fighting crime, bonding with the community and building a better image.



We provide the best and most innovative training available to law enforcement for social media.
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Our Podcast

Our Podcast

Listen to our weekly podcast on your drive to or from work, or whenever it's convenient for you.
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Great Resources

Great Resources

Besides our great blog, we have a library of information for members of the law enforcement social media community to use.

Law Enforcement Social Media Training
Department Websites | Online Safety and Security
Consulting and Training

  • For those who have been assigned to manage their department's social media program, we provide training based off our professional experience and knowledge of current trends.
    • Instructors are active social media managers
    • You'll learn more than just government practices; Learn what works
    • Law enforcement is usually 20 years behind; We're not!

  • We know the story. The city contracted out with a government website provider, and your department's page looks horrible, right?

    We don't provide a template for you to figure out. We build your department an affordable website with the following in mind:
    • What does your community want to see
    • What's your department's online activity goals
    • Keeping it simple for employees to manage

  • Whether you are a law enforcement officer or a member of a Fortune 500 company, your online safety and security is one of the most important parts of your life.

    Our staff can present at your department, group or corporate event on topics, such as:
    • How to secure your social media settings
    • How to monitor and manage your child's online activities
    • How to keep safe from online scams and criminals

Upcoming Training Classes

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Meet The LawEnforcement.Social Staff

Mike Bires

Mike Bires

Mike Bires is the founder of LawEnforcement.Social, is a regular contributor to our blog, and is the...
Marc Marty

Marc Marty

Marc Marty is a co-host of The Law Enforcement Social Media Podcast, and the live-streaming video shows,...
Tony Moore

Tony Moore

Tony Moore is a regular contributor to our blog, and is a co-host of The Law Enforcement Social Media...


Feel free to ask your questions on our Facebook Group page, thru Twitter or in an email. Since we are located on both the east and west coast, there's a good chance we'll respond to you immediately!

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  • LawEnforcement.Social exists to promote social media usage in the law enforcement community. Education, resources, training and networking are core components of LawEnforcement.Social.

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