• May 18-19
  • June 22 - 23
  • Advanced Law Enforcement
    Social Media Class

    University of Montana - May 18 - 19, 2017

    You've heard it at the IACP conference and notable publications such as PoliceOne why you should be on social media. Now get the advanced skills to do social media from some of the industry's leading social media managers.

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  • Advanced Law Enforcement
    Social Media Class

    Long Beach, CA - June 22-23, 2017

    You've heard it at the IACP conference and notable publications such as PoliceOne why you should be on social media. Now get the advanced skills to do social media from some of the industry's leading social media managers.

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We provide the best and most innovative training available to law enforcement for social media.
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Our Podcast

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Great Resources

Besides our great blog, we have a library of information for members of the law enforcement social media community to use.

Law Enforcement Social Media Training

We train America's law enforcement how to properly and effectively use social media for community relations, crime prevention, and positive department representation.

  • Taught by recognized and leading social media tacticians
  • Available in All 50 States
  • Unique training style unlike any other

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"Social media provides a way for law enforcement to communicate directly to the communities they serve."


  • Tom Leveque
    "Social media platforms, methods of delivery, and consumer use are in a constant state of change and evolution. In order to maximize engagement, our agencies need to follow trends and smartly modify their messaging without jumping on every bandwagon. With Mike's knowledge and passion for law enforcement social media, he sifts through the noise and passes along current best practice to you through his classes. Mike will give you relevant, tested methods and platforms from which to propel your agency's presence and influence within your community and beyond. I highly recommend his classes!"

    Tom Leveque
    Arcadia Police Department
  • Captain Louie Lopez - Montebello Police Department
    "This class provides a blueprint for departments that are apprehensive about entering the social media world. Taught by experienced L.E. professionals, who show how successful private sector strategies can be used by a department to showcase their personnel and provide critical information to the community. This is a must for command staff members with concerns about using social media in their organization."

    Captain Louie Lopez
    Montebello Police Department
  • Shauna Celello
    “I’m pretty knowledgeable about social media and did not think I would take much away from this class…was I wrong!! Fantastic class! Up to the minute social media trends that we can use right now. Highly recommend this class to social media team members, managers, command staff and council members.”

    Corporal Shauna Celello
    Glendora Police Department
  • Ashley Bautista
    "Social media is an extremely powerful tool for today's law enforcement professional. I have seen first hand how a Facebook post can lead to the arrest of a homicide suspect. I have also seen how social media can help foster a strong and positive relationship between residents and a police department. The tool has become extremely useful for our agency in all aspects of policing - from investigation to civic engagement. This class has helped me bring new and fresh ideas to our engagement efforts. The class was not for those just getting set up, although they too would find it helpful, it was really geared to those already doing great things but wanting to take it to the next level.”

    Ashley Bautista
    Ventura Police Department
  • Lori Fowler - San Bernardino County Probation Department
    "Every time I leave a law enforcement social media workshop I feel encouraged to go back and manage my professional social media accounts better. The instructors really know what they’re talking about and give great tips on how to better serve the public using social media.”

    Lori Fowler
    San Bernardino Probation Department

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