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Joanne Sweeney-Burke

How To Launch Your Law Enforcement Twitter Hashtag

How To Launch Your Law Enforcement Twitter Hashtag
Hashtags are the holy grail of Twitter. Developed initially by Twitter users to filter conversations, they are now used strategically to build an online community and generate online PR. So how can law enforcement agencies use the hashtag to raise awareness and how do you get it to trend? Well I hope to answer those questions in this blog post. Don’t forget to follow the #LESM hashtag for all thin...
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Mike Bires

Supporting Domestic Violence Survivors - The #PutTheNailinIt Campaign

Supporting Domestic Violence Survivors - The #PutTheNailinIt Campaign
On Sunday, June 14th, a domestic violence support organization out of New York, Safe Horizon, launched the #PutTheNailinIt campaign. With the help of Arnold New York, a 30-second video was completed pro-bono for the campaign. The campaign encourages people to paint their ring finger's nail purple and if possible, donate to the Safe Horizon organization, to show support for putting an end to domest...
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