Marc Marty

Marc Marty is a co-host for the Law Enforcement Social Media Podcast, and the live streaming video programs, COPS on Blab and Talk With The Cops.

Sergeant Marc Marty is the Training Sergeant with the Montebello Police Department in southern California. In Sergeant Marty’s 18 year career as a police officer, he has worked a variety of assignments. Currently he is responsible for the recruitment and hiring of new employees wishing to join the ranks of the Montebello PD. Marc is also responsible for developing the department's training subjects and programs. Most recently, Marc developed his department's Spectial Response Team ("SRT") policy manual, which is one of the most important components of a specialized law enforcement unit, such as SRT.

Marc has been the driving force behind the development, implementation, and management of Montebello PD's online presence. As the department's social media manager, he has experienced the positives and negatives of press relations, public relations, as well as internal relations, when it comes to the usage of social media in a law enforcement setting.

You can follow Marc on Twitter at @MPDMarc, and you can click here to send him a message.


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