Tamrin Olden

Tamrin Olden is a Civilian Community Relations Supervisor at a Police Department in southern California. During her 14 year career at the City and Police Department, she has worked a variety of assignments related to Public Relations, Media Relations, Social Media, Crime Prevention and Community Outreach Programs.

Currently, she is responsible for managing the department's social media platforms and team, serving as the Public Information Officer, marketing and coordinating various community programs and overseeing the Crime Prevention team. She is also the department's webmaster, is on the Recruitment Team, serves on her local California Crime Prevention Officers Association Board and volunteers for the Police Foundation.

She has extensive experience, certifications and formal training related to Advanced Public Information Officer, Crisis Communications, Advanced Social Media and Advanced Instructor Development (IDI). She is known for her development and implementation of Law Enforcement Media Relations Training, Social Media Team Management and Media/Social Media Relations Policies and Procedures. Tamrin joined the LE.Social Team in 2017.

Additionally, Tamrin is the CEO and lead Online Fitness Trainer for Team Fit For Duty and is a host on The BOLO Podcast.

You can follow Tamrin on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter at @tamrinolden


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