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Did you know asking followers to "share" your social media post will actually have a negative effect on your reach? Do you know what a "lower third" is in a video?

Our social media training classes will teach you these tips, tricks, and skills. They're important if you want your message to cut through the "clutter" on social media.

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More Than Teaching

Our training is different in that we don't just tell you what works. We have you do it.

There is so much content on social media today, that unless you are paying for premium postings, your message may not get heard.

Ever wonder why some videos that essentially contain little to no scenes do better than mini-movies?

How come your beautiful infographic isn't getting seen on social media?

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More Than Teaching

We'll Give You The Power

Save countless hours of development time with our easy to use techniques and effective strategies to give your agency, association, and LEO business an edge.

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When people want to verify information or validate the authenticity, they go to your website.

Does your website exhude confidence and professionalism, or does it replicate poor design and cheapness?

Is that the type of service your visitors will get? Unprofessional and cheap?

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Are you looking for an easy way to incorporate a blogging platform into your social media program? Are you hindered by your current city or county website, or IT department. We've created a simple blogging platform for law enforcement social media managers which looks great and is easy to manage.

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