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First impressions are everything in law enforcement today. The first place people may see your department is on the internet. The last thing you need is a poorly designed website your community won't use, or simply doing "bad social" on one of the popular social media platforms. 

With a staff consisting of law enforcement personnel with web development, social media, and PIO skills, you can't go wrong with LawEnforcement.Social. Contact us today for any questions or to get your project started.

Your New Website

We bet your department's current website is a mass-produced template with bad fonts, bad pictures, and a poor layout.

It's most likely a jumbled mess that isn't maintained and over-run with information. You'll never experience that again with a website designed and developed from LawEnforcement.Social.

Check out these features...

Easy Navigation
Responsive Layout
The Right Social Media Training

We'll teach you how to effectively, and proficiently use social media to connect with your community like never before.

Real World Training

More Than Teaching

Our training is different in that we don't just tell you what works. We have you do it.

There is so much content on social media today, that unless you are paying for premium postings, your message may not get heard.

Ever wonder why some videos that essentially contain little to no scenes do better than mini-movies?

How come your beautiful infographic isn't getting seen on social media?

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More Than Teaching

We'll Give You The Power

Save countless hours of development time with our easy to use techniques and effective strategies to give your agency, association, and LEO business an edge.



Facebook is constantly changing their platform and algorithm requiring certain techniques by law enforcement to get their messages seen by followers.

As a law enforcement social media manager dealing with Facebook pages and personal profiles, you have to stay on top of the security, privacy, and general page settings.

Did you know that merely posting a video or a hyperlink in a Facebook page post will most likely not get seen by your followers?

Our Facebook classes cover areas such as dealing with haters and trolls, how to provide great customer service, proper and effective news release posting techniques, live video tips, and more.

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Effective Facebook

Learn how to use the desktop and mobile version of Facebook.



Instagram is the leading social media platform for 2017 and 2018. Law enforcement needs to use this platform as a primary source of communication.

If you want to get your message out to your community, you need to go where your community is located. Sticking with Facebook will crush your efforts.

Why are you going to push your message out on a platform which is not used as much as one which is used multiple times a day?

Our Instagram classes, and our new online webinar platform will help learning the "professional" side of Instagram a breeze.

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Power Instagram

Learn how to use the desktop and mobile version of Instagram.


Who We've Trained

Arcadia PD | Alhambra PD | Azusa PD | Azusa Unified School District | Baldwin Park PD | Beverly Hills PD | California Highway Patrol | California State Parks | Chino PD | Corona PD | Covina PD | Downey PD | El Segundo PD | Fontana PD | LA County Sheriff's Department | LA School District Police | Long Beach PD | Madera County Sheriff's Department | Monterey County Sheriff's Deputy Sheriff's Association | Orange County Sheriff's Department | Palm Springs PD | Pasadena PD | Placentia PD | Redding PD | Redlands PD | Redwood City PD | Rialto PD |Riverside County Probation | Riverside County Sheriff's Department | San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department | Santa Ana PD | Santa Barbara PD | Shasta College | Shasta County DA | Sierra Madre PD | South Pasadena PD | UCLA PD | UCSD PD | Ventura County Fire Department | Ventura County Sheriff's Department | Ventura County Probation Department Ventura Police Department

and many more!

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March 11, 2018
Podcasts and Shows
With the rise of the recent “Facebook Apocalypse” affecting the algorithm that allowed Facebook Business Pages to remain relevant, businesses are scrambling. Businesses, including government entities such as police, fire, and local government are try...
February 25, 2018
One thing is for sure about the people who use social media and follow your department's Facebook page; They don't have the "social time" to read news releases which are written for the news media. Too many times, we see departments still writing the...

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