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What's The Best Way For Dealing With Online Harassment?

Online harassment, bullying, or stalking can happen for a variety of reasons, without any provocation from the victim. Common types or sources of online harassment incidents can include: Romantic partners who are going through either a separation or divorce Child custody matters Jealous ex-boyfriends, girlfriends, or spouses Harassment generated by...
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Is Your Police Badge Cropped On Twitter? Fix Your Profile Picture

Is your police department's badge or patch logo in your Twitter profile picture looking bad? By bad, we mean it is cut-off on one of the sides or is zoomed too close. Maybe it looks blurry or grainy. The culprit is most likely due to uploading a non-square or poorly cropped photo. Twitter prefers a high quality image with a photo size of 400px by 4...
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What Are The Size Requirements For A Twitter Profile Picture?

The recommended size of the Twitter profile picture is 400px by 400px . Twitter requires the photo to be a JPEG, GIF, or PNG file format no bigger than 2 MB. However, I have loaded up other dimensions, such as 500px by 500px and 1000px by 1000px, with no problems. If you are having further problems, visit "Help with uploading a profile photo" on Tw...
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With This One Rule, Law Enforcement Social Media Managers Can Increase Engagement in 2019

When we look at our friends and family members' social media pages, we see what's going on in their lives. From what they're eating and where they're going to their personal triumphs and tragedies, it's all laid out on their timeline. When it comes to how a police agency uses social media, there has to be a mind-shift. We have to think of these pag...
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3 Common Photography Mistakes Found On Social Media

The days of text covered graphics and low-quality photos are over. If you don't use high-quality pictures on social media, your reach and engagement will suffer significantly.   ​ Because there are so many great photos published on social media, the bar of expectation for each picture to be great, has been raised. With the improvement of smart...
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Client Spotlight: Blue Line Polygraphs & Investigations

Our client spotlight for January 2019 is Blue Line Polygraphs & Investigations in Albany, Oregon. This business is owned by retired police detective Glenn Fairall, who was referred to us by another one of our great clients, Insight Polygraphs . Keeping It Clean and Simple  Glenn wanted a website which would be very "clean" looking and serv...
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