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Anchor The IOS App

Anchor The IOS App

Anchor is a free app for IOS that allows you to record and broadcast up to 2 minutes of audio.  It’s being touted as the first true public radio. Once you record a wave and publish it, your listeners can reply creating instant conversations. 

Recording audio in Anchor is easy.  Simply hold your phone up to your ear as you would when speaking on the phone and speak.  When you are finished pull the phone away from your ear and the app stops recording.  Once you create your recording, you can then write a brief title or explanation of your audio filled with hashtags, emoji's, and any other text you'd like your listeners to see.  You can also replay it to make sure it's what you want to send out and you can tag your followers in your anchor as well as write a brief description about your audio. Simply click the check mark and it's published. Your followers can now like your anchor and reply to it as well. This creates the first 

Anchor is another great social media platform at our disposal.  One of the first questions that was asked of me as I talked about Anchor is how am I going to use it.  Right off the top of my head, I see Anchor as an extension of what I already do.  I will use it as an extension of our Blab show Talk With The COPS.  On Talk With The COPS, we answer people's questions related to law enforcement. We are candid and honest with our answers.  The same will apply with Anchor.  One of the first waves I recorded on Anchor was a message telling people who I am and what I do and gave them an opportunity to ask me questions.  A gentleman from Los Angeles interacted with my wave and we held an actual conversation and we gained some understanding between our two worlds. It was a great interaction.  To listen to the waves of this conversation, head on over to Anchor and follow me at iDigitalCop.  Leave me a wave and let me know you found me from this article. Wave on everyone!! 

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