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Mike Bires is the founder of LawEnforcement.Social. He is a regular contributor to the blog and is the host of The Law Enforcement Social Media Podcast, available on iTunes and Google Play.

Is Your Police Badge Cropped On Twitter? Fix Your Profile Picture

Is your police department's badge or patch logo in your Twitter profile picture looking bad? By bad, we mean it is cut-off on one of the sides or is zoomed too close. Maybe it looks blurry or grainy. The culprit is most likely due to uploading a non-square or poorly cropped photo. Twitter prefers a high quality image with a photo size of 400px by 4...
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What Are The Size Requirements For A Twitter Profile Picture?

The recommended size of the Twitter profile picture is 400px by 400px . Twitter requires the photo to be a JPEG, GIF, or PNG file format no bigger than 2 MB. However, I have loaded up other dimensions, such as 500px by 500px and 1000px by 1000px, with no problems. If you are having further problems, visit "Help with uploading a profile photo" on Tw...
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Client Spotlight: Blue Line Polygraphs & Investigations

Our client spotlight for January 2019 is Blue Line Polygraphs & Investigations in Albany, Oregon. This business is owned by retired police detective Glenn Fairall, who was referred to us by another one of our great clients, Insight Polygraphs . Keeping It Clean and Simple  Glenn wanted a website which would be very "clean" looking and serv...
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Police Website Tip: Keeping Your Viewers Engaged

There's scientific data to back up what I've been saying for the last year regarding the design of law enforcement websites and getting people actually to read them. You need to update your site or design it, for the thumb scroll. When I look at police department websites, they usually all have the same characteristics; they are from the same, out-...
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Are You a Social Media Master?

Regardless if you are going to use social media as a person, or a department, you are required to do it right. Notice I wrote "required" as opposed to "you should." The reason why I wrote it that way is that I have seen too many people who think they know what they're doing on social media, only to screw it up, and then not realize the significance...
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Instagram 2.0

We taught our first Instagram class on November 16, 2017, at the Rancho Cucamonga Police Department. We saw the writing on the wall, at that point we started using Instagram a lot more and slowly started to stray from our daily interactions on Facebook and other platforms. We saw as Instagram continued to come out with new features It was a tremendous success. We provide a ton of great information...
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