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Mike Bires is the founder of LawEnforcement.Social. He is a regular contributor to the blog and is the host of The Law Enforcement Social Media Podcast, available on iTunes and Google Play.

Online Fraud, Cheats and Liars. Protect and Prosecute

On this special episode of the Law Enforcement Social Podcast and COPS on Blab, we were joined by none other than the Streaming Lawyer, Mitch Jackson.  Mitch is a friend to the show and we are happy to have him on.  Mitch is not just a lawyer, but he is a well-known figure in the social media community. Listen or watch the show to learn how to be safe online and avoid online chats, frauds, and lia...
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Creative Content For The Super Bowl

On this episode of the Law Enforcement Social Media Podcast and COPS on Blab, we talk about publishing content for the Super Bowl.  When this show is released, the Super Bowl will have came and went and the Denver Broncos will have been crowned the winners, the content provided in this show will help you with any other type of large event.  So make sure you listen all the way through. We were join...
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When We Make Mistakes, Apologizing Can Be A Big Win

An article posted on our local KABC website here in Los Angeles described an incident involving a rape victim in New York, and Chase Bank. It turns out that around Thanksgiving of 2015, a young lady was raped by a group of men, and her wallet stolen. The crooks deposited two checks they found in the victim's wallet, even though it was clearly written "DEPOSITED" on the front of the check. The vict...
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Anchor The IOS App

Anchor is a free app for IOS that allows you to record and broadcast up to 2 minutes of audio.  It’s being touted as the first true public radio. Once you record a wave and publish it, your listeners can reply creating instant conversations.  Recording audio in Anchor is easy.  Simply hold your phone up to your ear as you would when speaking on the phone and speak.  When you ar...
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Go From Nervous To Confident In Just One Lesson

On this episode of the Law Enforcement Social Media Podcast and COPS on Blab, we talk about personal safety for women with Tamara Shelley of She-Bang Handgun Training . Tamara Shelley  Her goal is to educate people about personal safety and protection. She can take you from nervous to confident in one lesson!  When you choose She-Bang! you get an instructor who is licensed as a Personal ...
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Wael Ghonim Got Me Thinking If Social Media Is Really All That

When I finally got off my butt and went for a walk on my prep for me weight loss challenge, I decided to listen to a podcast to make the walk more interesting. I stumbled across a recording on TED Talks which sparked my curiosity - "Let's design social media that drives real change" by Wael Ghonim. Now Wael's talk was about his activism in and how he took to social media to invigorate a huge chang...
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