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Tamrin Olden is a co-owner of LawEnforcement.Social. She is also a public information officer for a police department in Southern California. Tamrin teaches law enforcement social media classes and holds a bachelor's degree in psychology.

What's The Best Way For Dealing With Online Harassment?

Online harassment, bullying, or stalking can happen for a variety of reasons, without any provocation from the victim. Common types or sources of online harassment incidents can include: Romantic partners who are going through either a separation or divorce Child custody matters Jealous ex-boyfriends, girlfriends, or spouses Harassment generated by...
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With This One Rule, Law Enforcement Social Media Managers Can Increase Engagement in 2019

When we look at our friends and family members' social media pages, we see what's going on in their lives. From what they're eating and where they're going to their personal triumphs and tragedies, it's all laid out on their timeline. When it comes to how a police agency uses social media, there has to be a mind-shift. We have to think of these pag...
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Who Wants More Engagement?

One of the top things our social media training attendees want is tips on how to get MORE ENGAGEMENT on their platforms. First things first, you can't expect to have more engagement (and subsequent reach) if: ​Your content is poor quality (photo, graphic, caption) You don't engage with others You don't post content in a way that incites a reaction ...
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Increasing Instagram Stories Engagement

More engagement = more reach. That means the more people interact and engage on your stories, the more they (and others) will see your content in the future. Remember, the content that appears in the user's feed, stories and the  explore function is based on what Instagram thinks they want to see (algorithm). And when we talk about engaging an...
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Your #LESM Social Media Strategy for 2018 - Episode 70

In this episode of the Law Enforcement Social podcast, Tim Burrows from The Police Podcast is joining us in the studio for a special crossover episode. Tim is a retired police officer, cyber safety expert, and a social media consultant for law enforcement. After his retirement, he has made it his focus to helping government and law enforcement to c...
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5 Common Instagram Mistakes

Instagram is my personal favorite social media platform and it is gaining significant popularity amongst government agencies. The latest stats show it has grown to over 800 million monthly active users and is beating out Facebook and Twitter as the preferred social media network of teens and young adults (you will hear why that is important to you ...
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