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Content Calendar - May 2016

Content Calendar - May 2016

Wondering what to post for the month of May? Don't worry, we struggle with this all the time as well. Depending upon the activity level in your agency, you may be posting "call-produced" content (news releases, wanted flyers, action videos, or PSA's) frequently, or you might be struggling to figure out what to post so your presence doesn't look like you've gone on vacation. Here's some ideas for the month of May:

Month Long Observances

Week Long Observances

Day Observances

  • May 3 - National Teacher Day
  • May 3 - Annual Blue Mass in Washington DC
  • May 4 - Occupational Safety and Health Day
  • May 4 - International Firefighter's Day
  • May 4 - Star Wars Day
  • May 5 - Cinco de Mayo Day
  • May 6 - Military Spouse Day
  • May 6 - International No Diet Day
  • May 8 - Mother's Day
  • May 12 Police Unity Tour Arrival Ceremony
  • May 13 - 28th Annual Candlelight Vigil - Starts at 8:00 pm. Hosted by the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial.
  • May 14 - 22nd Annual Emerald Sociaety & Pipe Band March and Service
  • May 14 - 15th Annual Steve Young National Honor Guard Competition and Pipe Band Competition
  • May 15 - 35th Annual National Peace Officers' Memorial Service
  • May 21 - World Whiskey Day
  • May 25 - National Missing Children's Day
  • May 26 - National Paper Airplane Day
  • May 30 - Memorial Day

Find a way to incorporate these important dates into your content calendar or plans for May. Have fun with some of them and use them to engage with your community, residents and business owners.

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