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What's The Best Way For Dealing With Online Harassment?

Online harassment, bullying, or stalking can happen for a variety of reasons, without any provocation from the victim. Common types or sources of online harassment incidents can include:

  • Romantic partners who are going through either a separation or divorce
  • Child custody matters
  • Jealous ex-boyfriends, girlfriends, or spouses
  • Harassment generated by those suffering from mental health issues or drug-addicted friends, family, acquaintances or estranged people
  • Embarrassment by school-aged children (i.e., cyberbullying)
  • Ex-business associates
  • Random strangers who gain access to your profile
  • Someone who has an infatuation or obsession with someone, whether they know them or not
  • The sharing of a sexually explicit image or intimate image (revenge porn)
  • The spreading of online hate 

Any police officer who manages social media accounts for their police department knows the feeling of being bullied online. Many have suffered from online harassment from so-called "free speech warriors," hate group organizers targeting law enforcement agencies, and online trolls.

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