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Facebook Live / National Night Out

Facebook Live / National Night Out

Marc and Mike come back after a brief time away from the microphones, and talk about the live stream video feature Facebook Live.

We're crash test dummies...

Marc's quote of the show

In this episode, Mike and Marc discuss the trials and tribulations of live-stream video.

Most people are using Facebook Live through their mobile devices. However, to take your video stream production to a higher level, you might want to consider Wirecast by Telestream. 

Wirecast installs on your computer and in a non-technical way, get's in between your camera and the video feed pushing out to Facebook, or any other live-stream platform. It takes the image from your camera and allows you to place "layers" over your video, before sending it to the platform.

A layer can be images, text, and graphics that make the look of your video feed even better. In addition to this, you can even add in audio sources, as well as recorded video, to your stream. 

So basically, if you want all the cool effects like your Twitter feed scrolling on the bottom of the screen, and other features seen on news casts, Wirecast is your product.

We'll cover more about Wirecast in a future episode and blog post.

National Night Out

Both Marc and Mike talk about their experiences prepping for National Night Out, and how they plan to use social media to reach their communities.

Key Points For This Episode

Make sure to have a computer with plenty of memory, with a fan providing cool air on the computer and video capture card to ensure all software works properly and efficiently.

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