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Creative Content For The Super Bowl

Creative Content For The Super Bowl

On this episode of the Law Enforcement Social Media Podcast and COPS on Blab, we talk about publishing content for the Super Bowl.  When this show is released, the Super Bowl will have came and went and the Denver Broncos will have been crowned the winners, the content provided in this show will help you with any other type of large event.  So make sure you listen all the way through.

We were joined by Captain Jeff Hunter of the Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety.  Cpt. Hunter stated that Santa Clara is the smallest agency to host a Super Bowl with only 143 people.  As a result, Sunnyvale was asked to help with the logistics of the event and the joint operations center. They began planning for this event 2 years ago.  There were a total of 85 agencies represented, of those about 15-20 from each agency participating in the planning.   On game day, there was 30-40 all the way down from San Jose To San Francisco. As part of the planning, they enlisted the help of Nixle. 

Brian Yim of Nixle joined the show to talked to us regarding their involvement in the Super Bowl.  Nixle is a notification platform that joins public safety with the community they serve.  Nixle provided the technology that Cpt. Hunter used to communicate with the community regarding the Superbowl.  Subscribing to Nixle was easy, all anyone had to do was open a text message and type 888-777 in the phone number section and in the message users simply had to type "SB50" which stands for "Super Bowl 50" and with that, users received notifications from Cpt. Hunter and his team regarding the event.  The great thing about Nixle is that you don't even have to be in the area to subscribe.  You can subscribe from anywhere to get updates regarding the Superbowl. This was great for all attending the event that wasn't from the area. 

Anyone can sign up for Nixle as long as you have an email address or can receive text messages on your phone.

After speaking with law enforcement officials from Arizona who hosted the Super Bowl last year, the decision was made to create a separate Twitter account so not to constantly inundate their local followers with unnecessary information.  In Arizona, they had this issue and lost a lot of their followers during the event.  Communication for the vent through social media was done so only with Nixle and Twitter.  They decided to use the Twitter handle of @SCSB50 "Santa Clara Suber Bowl 50.".  They communicated with people from as far out as the UK.  

Working with the media and the NFL was seamless as well.  


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