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Periscope and The Apprentice, Alan Weinreb

Periscope and The Apprentice, Alan Weinreb

On this episode of the Law Enforcement Social Media Podcast and COPS on Blab we introduce the newest member of our team, Alan Weinreb. 

Alan Weinreb

Alan Weinreb is a law enforcement officer in Los Angeles County. He is currently assigned to patrol and is passionate about community outreach to connect the general public with law enforcement.

Alan’s time is split in a dual role also working in higher education. He holds a Masters of Education in Post-secondary Education from the University of Southern California (USC). He is devoted to serving the community on patrol and providing valuable information to those on college campuses to produce positive relationships and create transparency. He dedicates his time both on campus and on patrol working with youth by providing opportunities to become involved in co-curricular activities, raising awareness of alcohol and substance abuse, and programming to teach about equity and equality.

With the success Alan has gained on Periscope, he utilizes this platform to address issues and questions regarding law enforcement and ways to improve community policing. He will be providing information and advice with the COPS on Blab and Talk With The Cops team to promote educational opportunities for the community.


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