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Latest Instagram Updates For Increased Engagement

In this episode of the Law Enforcement Social podcast, the hosts are discussing the importance of being fluid with social media and staying on top of software updates to optimize the reach to your audience. Different social media platforms have different audiences and purposes; Mike, Marc, and Tamrin fill us in on how they utilize each outlet to optimize their reach to the social media community.

Instagram has three new features added to 'Instagram Stories'; 'TYPE,' 'Highlights,' and 'Activity Status.' We break down how to access and use each one.

  • The course included attendees from all different technology skill levels, beginner to advanced. 
  • Law Enforcement Social has a Facebook group open to their attendees to be able to share graphics for the experts to assist and critique their work. 
  • A police agency turned themselves into the media. They did a news release, as a PIO would, but recorded and interviewed the clerk and the deputies. 
  • In 3 weeks from now, LES will be holding classes on the critical changes Facebook will be making to their algorithm.
  • Law enforcement will need to implement these methods to engage with their audience. 
  • If you or your agency are not fluid with social media, this will hinder your ability to reach your community.
  • Mike has run into the issue with his Facebook Groups of people asking questions about work and is trying to learn how to shut off while he's "off duty." 
  • Not many agencies have someone monitoring social media 27/7. If you have an emergency or need police assistance, contact your local police department or dial 9-1-1.
  • When you have time to go in and reply to comments, do so. Don't make it a point to answer all, where people expect an immediate response. 
  • Agencies often make the mistake of overinvesting into one platform. When the particular social media platform they use goes through changes, they don't know how to keep up. 
  • Different platforms have different audiences and purposes. 
  • Stay on top of social media updates and stay present on all platforms. 
  • You won't be able to hyperlink or crosspost onto Facebook because they will "ding" you for going outside of the platform. 
  • Twitter use for emergency management, notifications, and news release announcements. 
  • Instagram use for photo, video, humanity. 
  • Facebook Blog post, department information, and news. 

Instagram Updates

Instagram Type Mode: Instagram now allows you to post just text with four different options- Modern, Neon, Typewriter, and Strong.
1. Open up Instagram
2. Go to stories
3. Click on the camera app on the top left of your Instagram app 4. On the left of 'LIVE,' there is 'TYPE.'
5. Click tap to type and choose your text style.

Highlights: If you don't want something to disappear from 'Instagram Stories,' you can save it as a 'Highlight' on your Instagram profile by category. (Ex. press releases, crime prevention tips, meet our officers, vision, etc.) Highlights allow you to organize your stories and keep your content available for your follows. Once you post your Instagram story, click on the heart on the bottom right and title the post, or place it in an existing folder. For a great example from Beverly Hills Police Department find them on Instagram @bhpd_90210.

Activity Status: If you go to your direct messages, you can now see when the person you messaged was active in the app. Be aware; if you post your location and a person you previously 'DMed' views how long ago you were active, they may be able to pinpoint where you are.
1. Click on your profile
2. Click on the gear wheel, located in the upper right corner
3. Scroll down to 'show activity status.'
4. Tap on the slide to turn off

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