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Facebook Live, Are You Doing It?


With the rise of the recent “Facebook Apocalypse” affecting the algorithm that allowed Facebook Business Pages to remain relevant, businesses are scrambling. Businesses, including government entities such as police, fire, and local government are trying to figure out what they need to do to remain relevant in the Facebook Newsfeed.

In our recent Facebook Update class, we talked about a few tactics to help remain relevant in the Newsfeed. One of the tactics we discussed was to create live videos using Facebook Live. Facebook Live videos receive 75% more shares than uploaded videos. They also receive much higher meaningful interactions than uploaded videos. Notice I said, ‘meaningful interactions’ and did not say engagement. Zuckerberg is no longer using the word ‘engagement.’ Likes and shares are no longer relevant when viewing your metrics on Facebook. Meaningful interactions refer to your followers commenting on other followers. Facebook doesn’t care so much about you as your page commenting on posts, they want meaningful interactions between people. So what’s the answer? Live Video... it's not the end all be all solution, but it really encourages more meaningful interactions between your follower.

At my agency, we have found some great success with Live Video on Facebook. We started doing a monthly “Virtual Neighborhood Watch Meeting” where my Community Relations Officers explain how to start a Neighborhood Watch Program as well as discuss the benefits of the program. We also address current community issues and crime trends. We average 80 to 100 viewers at any one time and receive over 100 comments from our viewers each video. We have a lot more meaningful interactions with our community through our live videos. When we host actual in-person Neighborhood Watch Meetings throughout the community, we probably only average 15 to 20 people. We will always continue to host Neighborhood Watch meetings in person, but our live videos create a lot of meaningful interactions and we will continue to do more of them.

How Do I Go Live?

In the words of my friend, Brian Fanzo, “Press the damn button.” You can’t go live until you press that button! It’s easy to overthink live video and its normal to be scared if you’ve never done it. You will make mistakes, but you will not look like a fool. We often talk about humanizing the badge, right? Well, what’s more, human than stumbling on camera and spitting out, "uhm, uhm, uhm." It’s ok, you will get better at it with time. There are a few things you can do to practice if you still can’t get over the fear of recording live. Record yourself on your phone and rewatch it to see how you do. Start with creating Instagram stories. Instagram stories only allow you to record 15 seconds of video at a time and you can always redo those 15 seconds as many times as you want until you get it right.


You don’t need a lot of fancy equipment to start out. If you do not have a budget at all, you can use your smartphone and or tablet to go live. However, an external mic and tripod are suggested as well. Good sound and a steady video will make your video look and sound great.

That’s it!! What are you waiting for? Press that button!

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