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Instagram Gallery for #LESM

Instagram Gallery for #LESM

Instagram gallery is the newest feature added to Instagram. The days of simply sharing a photo from Instagram to other platforms is over. Instagram has become a lifestyle application. It's now an app that you can message from and share pictures and video to. Instagram has become a blend of all the famous platforms. They have become an app that allows you to do everything from one platform.

The current iteration of the app now lets you create galleries of up to 10 photos or videos in one post. The days of creating a collage in one small frame on Instagram and hoping that your followers will be able to view it are over. Instagram galleries shows up in your news feed just like a regular post, so there is no wondering where to go to view them. As you scroll through your news feed, a gallery post will show small grey dots at the bottom of the picture, this tells you that that specific post has multiple pictures or videos or a combination of the two in it. Simply slide your finger to the left over the screen to view the different pictures and or videos. Creating a gallery post is no different than posting a single picture to your Instagram feed. Simply click on the plus sign and then click on the icon on the far right that looks like three squares on top of each other. Now you can add your photos and or videos to a gallery post it.

When creating a gallery post, videos can only be 60 seconds long and your pictures have to be square, unlike single photos, which can be zoomed out to show everything in a rectangle photo. That's 10 minutes of video you can share in one post, that's Ten 1 minute posts. Now, I'm not sure you'll want to share that much video in one post, but you have that option. People won't be able to "like" single images in your gallery post, they'll have to like the whole post. 

If you aren't using Instagram Galleries in your social media program, you should be.  

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