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Instagram Tip: Using Location to Expand Reach


If you aren't using locations in your Instagram posts and stories you should be! It's a quick and easy way to expand your reach, target your audience and create opportunities to connect and engage with the community.

Here are three reasons why and how to do it:

Geotag your location: Something so simple yet oftentimes forgotten. Doing this allows your agency to come up on the map when people are exploring what's going on in your community. Geotag your agency frequently to increase the chances of your posts showing up in your communities feed. Remember, you don't have to be at the location to geotag it and if your page is public your posts can show up in anyone's feed. This is also a great tool if you want your post to reach a specific audience, for example: if you are posting a teen driver safety campaign PSA you can geotag one of your local high schools.

To geotag your post add the photo then select add location from the menu. You can also select one of the suggested locations listed below it. Now manually enter the location you want to geotag or select from the expanded list of suggested locations below the search bar. Note: sometimes multiple versions of the same location will come up so make sure you verify the address and spelling.

Share your location in stories: Just like with geotags on your posts, sharing your location on your stories allows your story posts to reach a wider audience in that specific location so you can reach people who don't even follow your page.

To add the location to your story post select the sticker option, click on a location, select the location from the suggested list or type into the search bar to find it. Then you can move, resize and select from two color options.

Use location hashtags: Another very simple tip but not used very often. By adding your location hashtags (agency and city) it makes it easier for people to find you. Make sure to use a combination of general (i.e. city) and specific (i.e. name of a community) hashtags to broaden your reach. A great way to engage with the community is encouraging them to use your hashtags then searching them and engaging on or even sharing their posts.

When adding location hashtags to your posts do research to see which ones you might want to use. Instagram provides hashtag recommendations under the explore option. Enter the hashtag you want to search then select tags (second from the left). Click the tag then a list of related tags will appear directly below.

Make sure to use these tips when you do Instagram posts for your agency! Learn about using locations and more Instagram tips and tricks at our upcoming "Instagram for Government" class in Rancho Cucamonga, CA on November 16, 2017. 

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