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Who Wants More Engagement?

Who Wants More Engagement

One of the top things our social media training attendees want is tips on how to get MORE ENGAGEMENT on their platforms.

First things first, you can't expect to have more engagement (and subsequent reach) if:

  • ​Your content is poor quality (photo, graphic, caption)
  • You don't engage with others
  • You don't post content in a way that incites a reaction

Although we all like to think our content is impressive, sometimes we have to check the ego and critically evaluate our social media game. During class, I always tell students to go through their social media (yes we get to play on social media in class), and take note of what makes a million miles an hour thumb scroll stop and why then take those same concepts and apply it to their content.

Okay so assuming your content is stellar, how then do you get that coveted engagement? How do you not only capture their attention spans, but get them to take the next step and LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE, or MESSAGE? Since we can't give away all of our secrets (we have to save some for our classes), here are a few simple tips to increase your feed engagement:

Set time aside: Follow, like, and comment on others profiles throughout the week. Be mindful not to follow and engage on ads and inappropriate posts (sexual, political, foul language, etc.) when you're scrolling at high speed (I see this a lot). People will see your engagement, visit your profile and likely follow.

Engage on your posts: One-way engagement is sadly the norm but a huge no-no. If someone comes up to you in person and says "I support you and your department, be safe out there," would you stand there silent and ignore them? Of course not, but that's what you're doing when you don't acknowledge those who take the time to start a conversation with you on social media. You don't have to reply to every comment, but a simple like is definitely in order (if the comment is worthy of course).

Be intentional when you comment and reply: Don't just comment with emojis or the same copy/paste spam-like comment on everyone's posts. This will hurt you; take the time to write out a meaningful and personalized reply.

Be a caption master: Writing catchy, cool, captivating captions (hello alliteration) is something that doesn't come naturally to everyone. Most of the time we overthink it. Find inspiration from pages you like - there are some departments out there who are very good at it. Another thing to remember is the tone and image of your department. Find that balance between being professional and police jargon dry but also remember the difference between funny and relatable and unprofessional. Lastly, BE CONSISTENT with your tone, style, and formatting - this is especially important to address with your social media team (if you're lucky enough to have one).

So here's where we plug our upcoming classes...don't tell me you didn't know it was coming. Instead of trying to entice you with some fancy lines, just click here if you want to come to the best social media training available for public safety and government agencies. Hope to see you there!

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