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One Easy Way To Defeat The Grammar Police

One Easy Way To Defeat The Grammar Police

Spelling and grammar problems for law enforcement social media managers can be a thing of the past if the Grammarly browser plugin is used.

Look, I know we are required to write good police reports. I started out my career handwriting reports, however, I use electronic devices to complete my reports now. I say electronic devices because, with today's technology, I might be using the MDC in my police car, a desktop computer at the police station or a tablet in between meetings. I rely heavily on the spell checking program installed on these devices.

Stop The Misspelled Tweets and Posts

Why is it, regardless of how great we can spell, we still seem to create errors when publishing content on social media? Is it because we're in a rush to post something and move on to our primary duties? Maybe we've become so ingrained with having spell check working for us when we're using word processing programs, that we forget Facebook and Twitter don't check our work.

Welcome Grammarly

Grammarly is a free browser extension which you download and install on your computer.  It sits on your browser's toolbar monitoring your typing, regardless where you are on the internet. Whether you're creating a post on Facebook or typing away in your blog, it monitors the words your using. A small round green wheel spins on the bottom of your text field, letting know everything is okay. However, when if finds a spelling or grammar error, it turns red. A number appears inside the red circle indicating how many errors you. You'll also find your errors are underlined.

grammarly example

Corrections Are Easy

Simply hover over the underlined words and you'll be notified what the problem is and a suggestion for fixing it. Or, you can click on the red circle and a ne window will appear showing you the errors and the recommended fixes.

We will add Grammarly to our collection of web links, which you can get to by clicking here.

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