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What Are Your Goals For 2016? #LESM Peach, The New App

What Are Your Goals For 2016? #LESM Peach, The New App
On this episode of the law enforcement social media podcast, Mike, Tony and I are joined by our newest co host Pat Fitzgibbons and we talk about the new Peach app, Azusa PD's new HALO program for the homeless and setting goals for 2016. 

Pat Fitzgibbons

Patrick Fitzgibbons is a law enforcement professional with approximately 20 years of experience in various capacities
He currently works as an assistant street supervisor for a police department in Colorado. Patrick plays an integral part to the law enforcement profession as he also instructs the next generation of criminal justice professionals as a part time college professor. He's committed much of his adult life in the pursuit of higher education, as he holds a BS/BM, MBA and MA.
As the newest member to the LawEnforcement.Social team, he will be contributing articles to our blog on a regular basis. In addition to this, he will be a co-host on our The Law Enforcement Social Media Podcast and our live-stream video shows, COPS on Blab and Talk With The Cops.
Because he enjoys a challenge, Patrick is also the founder and host of his own podcast called The CJ Evolution, which covers various law enforcement topics and subjects. You can subscribe to his podcast on Podbean and iTunes.

Azusa Police Department’s HALO Program 


The Peach App

Like Facebook, users have “friends” on Peach and in order to "like" or comment on their posts, you must be friends. 
Users can also interact with friends through an interaction menu, similar to Facebook’s poke feature. Friend can wave, blow kisses, and send cake to name a few. You can even post the “weather" or say "good morning" through the use of “Magic Words.”  These Magic words trigger different types of posts within the app. For example, when you type the word “weather” the current weather in your area will be posted.  Posting the word “shout” will make your text larger and more eye catching.   For a complete list of all the “magic words,” click here.
Like many other social media networks and apps, content is shown via your friends posts. One of the other cool features is that you can post clickable links as well. 
Is Peach a tool that we can use in #LESM? It could be, might be too soon to tell however.  To follow me on Peach, add me at iDigitalCop

What Are Your Goals for 2016?  

Stop making New Year’s Resolutions that don’t lay.  You need to take the time to FOCIS.  Yeah that’s right, I said, “FOCIS.”  No, it’s not a typo, it’s an acronym.  An acronym that our very own Tony Moore uses in his life.  Read the article here and understand what FOCIS is. 

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