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Sprout Social and Facebook Images: The Solution

Sprout Social and Facebook Images: The Solution

We use Sprout Social here at LawEnforcement.Social to manage our social media accounts, and the police department where I work has their own Sprout Social account for the department's various platforms. Although I love the platform because it simplifies doing certain tasks, there is one issue it can't handle. 

Uploading Photos Using Sprout Social - The Problem

Mobile phone error messageIf you've ever tried to upload an image to Facebook using Sprout Social, you may have encountered the error message advising you either the size of the image is in excess of 4 MB, or it is not in the correct format. This occurs when an image has not been modified to the correct specifications for a Facebook post. It can be frustrating, but here are some solutions to help you get past this issue. By the way, according to Sprout Social, the problem lies with Facebook's API rules. There's simply nothing they can do about it!

The Solution - Modify The Image

The following options will allow you to modify the size of the image quickly and easily. 

Option 1 - From A Smartphone

If you take a picture on your smartphone and want to upload it into a Sprout Social post, you'll need to resize it first. For an iPhone, I use an app called Resize It, available for download from the App Store. There are several image resizers out there, so find one that suits your needs.

If you do chose to use Resize it, here are the instructions:

  1. Start the app, and click on the image icon on the lower left of the screen.
  2. The app will access your camera roll. Select your image you wish to resize.
  3. The image will appear within the Resize It app. Select the Resize option at the bottom of the screen
  4. Enter the width dimensions you want to use for the desired platform (see Preferred Image Sizes For Law Enforcement, below)
  5. Select OK at the top right of the screen, then select DONE.
  6. Click the arrow down icon at the bottom of the screen, and select where you wish to save the image.
  7. Close the app and open the Sprout Social app.
  8. Follow the steps for creating a new message with an image, and use your newly resized image.

Option 2 - From A Tablet or Computer

If you have access to a graphics design program such as Fireworks or PhotoShop, then follow your normal procedure for resizing images with these programs. If you have limited design experience and/or software, use an online graphics solution, such as Canva or Snappa. Both have free accounts you can use, and I think you will be pretty amazed at the convenience and ease of use of these platforms. In fact, I've been using them more and more, and my graphic arts program, less and less!

If you do chose use Canva, here are the instructions:

  1. Login to your Canva account, and select the appropriate size template for where you are posting.
  2. Once the template has loaded, click on the UPLOAD icon on the left side of the screen.
  3. Click on the green UPLOAD AN IMAGE button.
  4. Select the image you wish to use, and click SELECT.
  5. Once the image has finished uploading, click on the image.
  6. The image will load into the template. From here, you can click-and-drag the images size and position in the template.
  7. Once you have the image modified to your requirements, click on DOWNLOAD.
  9. Once the image has finished downloading, open either the Sprout Social app (on a tablet) or go to the Sprout Social website (for computers).
  10. Follow the steps for creating a new message with an image, and use your newly resized image.

Preferred Image Sizes For Law Enforcement

Recommended sizes

There are some really awesome resources out there which you can find through a search for social media image sizes. However, since law enforcement uses primarily Facebook and Twitter, I have found that if an image fits into the dimensions of a 1024 x 512 or 880 x 440 pixel area, it will show up great on both Facebook and Twitter. 

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