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Increasing Instagram Stories Engagement

More engagement = more reach. That means the more people interact and engage on your stories, the more they (and others) will see your content in the future. Remember, the content that appears in the user's feed, stories and the  explore function is based on what Instagram thinks they want to see (algorithm). And when we talk about engaging an...
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Instagram 2.0

We taught our first Instagram class on November 16, 2017, at the Rancho Cucamonga Police Department. We saw the writing on the wall, at that point we started using Instagram a lot more and slowly started to stray from our daily interactions on Facebook and other platforms. We saw as Instagram continued to come out with new features It was a tremendous success. We provide a ton of great information...
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Latest Instagram Updates For Increased Engagement

In this episode of the Law Enforcement Social podcast, the hosts are discussing the importance of being fluid with social media and staying on top of software updates to optimize the reach to your audience. Different social media platforms have different audiences and purposes; Mike, Marc, and Tamrin fill us in on how they utilize each outlet to op...
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Your #LESM Social Media Strategy for 2018 - Episode 70

In this episode of the Law Enforcement Social podcast, Tim Burrows from The Police Podcast is joining us in the studio for a special crossover episode. Tim is a retired police officer, cyber safety expert, and a social media consultant for law enforcement. After his retirement, he has made it his focus to helping government and law enforcement to c...
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Setting Your Style on Instagram

Setting Your Style on Instagram
In our last Instagram For Government class, we discussed setting a style for your Instagram page. What is "setting a style" on Instagram? When visitors come to your page, you want there to be a response of "oh, cool," "wow," or "I like that." It primarily has to do with appealing aesthetics, just like almost everything on Instagram. From The Top ​ ...
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Instagram Tip: Using Location to Expand Reach

If you aren't using locations in your Instagram posts and stories you should be! It's a quick and easy way to expand your reach, target your audience and create opportunities to connect and engage with the community. Here are three reasons why and how to do it: Geotag your location: Something so simple yet oftentimes forgotten. Doing this allows yo...
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