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Is Your Police Badge Cropped On Twitter? Fix Your Profile Picture

Is your police department's badge or patch logo in your Twitter profile picture looking bad? By bad, we mean it is cut-off on one of the sides or is zoomed too close. Maybe it looks blurry or grainy. The culprit is most likely due to uploading a non-square or poorly cropped photo.

Twitter prefers a high quality image with a photo size of 400px by 400px. The file formats allowed are gif and png, as well as jpeg, and the maximum file size of the picture is 2MB.

Use Canva To Make A Profile Pic

You can use any type of photo editing software, but for the fastest and easiest, we prefer Canva. A basic account is free if you haven't already used Canva, you'll find it is incredibly easy to use.

  1. Create a custom dimension canvas (your working area) of 400px by 400px
  2. Drag or upload the image of your badge into Canva.

  3. Once uploaded, drag it over to your canvas.

  4. Resize it accordingly, by either making it bigger or smaller. Just make sure your image does not go outside the white canvas area.

  5. Download the new photo from Canva.

Upload Into Twitter

Using the Twitter app or their website, login to your department's Twitter account.

  1. Navigate to the profile page, and click on the edit profile button.
  2. Click on the camera icon over the profile photo area.
  3. Select your new image and remember to click the save button.

Your Twitter profile photo of your department's badge will now look better on the platform, as well as anywhere on social media where your Twitter feed is displayed.

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