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Law enforcement social media is different from the business marketing world, in that we don't have funds for high-end marketing campaigns and the skillset most social media managers have is somewhat limited.  However, that's why we exist here at LawEnforcement.Social. We're striving every day to give police officers, deputy sheriffs, civilian employees and others who manage law enforcement social media, those skills to take their programs to the next level.

In order to help us cops, we're very fortunate and honored to have Ms. Traci Reuter from the Social Media Marketing Happy Hour. Traci and her colleague, Ms. Dawn Marrs Ortiz, are the founders of their company which specializes in teaching the complexities of social media branding and marketing.

Traci Reuter
Social Media Marketing Happy Hour

Traci ReuterTraci Reuter is a social media and digital marketing strategy, expert. She is a recognized speaker, industry expert & co-host of The Social Media Marketing Happy Hour Podcast, which has been featured by as the #1 Value packed podcast for entrepreneurs.

The Social Media Marketing Happy Hour Podcast received over 1 Million downloads in the first 5 months of being on air. Traci coaches & consults for small businesses, entrepreneurs, solo-preneurs & home business owners. She has helped 100’s of small businesses with their social media marketing strategy, and generating leads & sales from their social media marketing efforts.

Traci is a certified customer acquisition specialist, which is just a fancy name for “a paid traffic expert." Traci is consulted as an industry voice who is in tune, on top of, and ahead of trends with the pulse of what’s working now in digital and social media marketing.

You can visit Traci's website at and you can subscribe to the podcast by clicking here.

You can follow Traci on Twitter at @TraciReuter

What You'll Learn

The show's hosts, Mike Bires, Marc Marty, and Arlen Castillo are highly qualified and experienced law enforcement officers who manage their department's law enforcement social media programs. With Traci's help, you'll learn the following in this episode:

  • Why engagement is more than just talking back and forth
  • Techniques to use to gain traction on social media
  • Some basic blogging techniques
  • Sources of inspiration and ideas
  • Getting your community to want more from you

How Much Does It Cost?

Nothing. Zero. Zilch. Nada.