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Cleaning Photos, Suicide Prevention and The ReThink App

Cleaning Photos, Suicide Prevention and The ReThink App

In this episode of The Law Enforcement Social Media Podcast, Arlen Castillo discusses her favorite apps for cleaning photos, we discuss some good resources and tips for suicide prevention posts on social media, and we interview an awesome teen who’s making a difference in the fight against cyber bullying.

Cleaning Photos

So what is cleaning photos? This is a term we use around here for making sure photos are just right for posting on social media or our website.  Cleaning refers to cropping, filtering, size resolution and more. If it has to do with altering a photo, we call it cleaning.

Arlen mentioned in the podcast the following apps she uses on her smartphone to clean photos:

Facetune - A fun and powerful portrait and selfie photo editor.

FotoRus - An all in one photo app that allows you to edit photos and create pic collages.

BigLens - A photo editing app that is great to use when you want to blur out portions of a pic, such as a license plate or street sign.

Suicide Prevention Resources

In addition to mentioning some resources we use for posting suicide prevention messages, we spoke about a video of a police officer saving a man from taking his own life. You can view the video below.

Some of our favorite resources for suicide prevention messages are:

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention


Take the information they provide and create multiple tweets or posts from each section. Make sure to include their handle (Twitter) or name (Facebook) when sharing on social media.

The Veteran’s Crisis Line and Military Crisis Line

You’ll find their tool for creating inspirational infographics at the the following address:

The ReThink App

We spoke with Trisha Prabhu, the inventor of the ReThink App, which is a non-intrusive, innovative, patented software product that effectively stops cyberbullying before the damage is done.

The world is currently in the midst of a technology revolution. There are 1.8 billion teens around the globe, and technology is increasingly at the hands of every adolescent. With more adolescents being online, more are getting cyberbullied. Cyberbullied victims suffer from depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and more likely to drop out of school. Several solutions that are in place today address bullying after the damage is done. ReThink is the first ever solution to proactively prevent cyberbullying before the damage is done.

As mentioned in our podcast, here is the video of Trisha at a TEDxTeen talk...