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Female Professionals on Social Media; Your Safety's At Risk

  Episode 22 of the Law Enforcement Social Media Podcast and COPS on BLAB takes on an often overlooked and difficult subject - women being harassed or treated differently on social media. If you are a manager of law enforcement social media, this is a show you need to watch. If you are running a business or using social media for career purposes, and you are not in law enforcement social media, yo...

Cybersafety Tips, Questions and Answers for Parents of Teens

If you're the parent of a teen looking for some guidance, tips, and information about keeping your family safe online, then you should watch this video. It's an "easy read" as far as videos are concerned, as the law enforcement officers in this video share their knowledge, personal experience, and tips in a very relaxed and casual way. Hosted by Tony Moore, with guests Chris Meadows, Brett Shavers...

Cleaning Photos, Suicide Prevention and The ReThink App

In this episode of The Law Enforcement Social Media Podcast, Arlen Castillo discusses her favorite apps for cleaning photos, we discuss some good resources and tips for suicide prevention posts on social media, and we interview an awesome teen who’s making a difference in the fight against cyber bullying. Cleaning Photos So what is cleaning photos? This is a term we use around here for making sure...

National Security And A Critical Ingredient; Social Media

19 February 2015 Next week the Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott will present a security statement to Parliament ahead of the impending release of the joint review by New South Wales State and Commonwealth Government into the Sydney Siege . The siege took place in Martin Place, Sydney over 17 hours, 15-16 December 2014 in which the perpetrator and two victims died. The report will provide man...


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Cop Easy Instructions To Securing Your Facebook Page

Law enforcement personnel who use Facebook for personal reasons need to secure their pages. It's not only for your safety, but your family and co-worker's safety as well. The online security and safety of law enforcement is paramount today. Unfortunately, many people sign up for a Facebook account and think once they've gone through the initial account set up, they don't need to do anything e...


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Bitcoin, Crypto-Currencies and Law Enforcement

The following article first appeared on in January 2014. It is being re-posted on with the authors approval. Crypto-currency is a fast paced and evolving platform. Information contained in this article may be a bit outdated, but certainly worth the knowledge for law enforcement. Since 2011, I've been studying and investigating a new form of digital currency, oft...