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A Recap of The LESM Conference

A Recap of The LESM Conference

Do you know how to feature a video on your department's Facebook page? Want to learn more about the presenters of The Law Enforcement Social Media Conference recently held online? Consider attending the Digital Engagement Strategies For Government Public Affairs training coming up in Washington D.C.

Featured Video on Facebook

In our podcast, Marc spoke about the benefits of making an uploaded video on your Facebook fan page a featured video. Here's how to do it:

  1. Scroll down the left side of your Facebook page, locate and open the video section.
  2. Click on the video you wish to make your Featured Video.
  3. Once the video opens up, click on "Feature this video" above the comment area.

Your video will now appear on the left side of the page under the "About" section.

Marc gave an example of a featured video which in fact helped the Hermosa Beach Police Department in California with the on-going problem of illegal fireworks in their city, on the 4th of July. Check out that video below.

The Law Enforcement Social Media Conference

We spoke with Tim Burrows, the founder of the conference, about his all-star line-up and the value these people bring to law enforcement social media.

The conference was held for the second year in a row on July 28th thru July 30th. The course presenters are known for various specialties in the LESM field and brought a wealth of knowledge to the attendees in a way that was both informative and entertaining. 

The Digital Engagement Strategies For Government Public Affairs Training

This training brings together leading agencies, sharing their best practices – what worked well, and what didn’t – regarding digital outreach, strategic communications, and social media in government public affairs. With approximately 90% of your audiences receiving information from screen-based devices, social media and digital platforms are necessary to reach your audiences.

Learn how to integrate, manage, monitor, and measure your digital engagement strategies from over 15 top agencies in the government and public sector.