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Meet The LESM Podcast Crew

Meet The LESM Podcast Crew

Marc Marty, Arlen Castillo, and Mike Bires are your hosts for The Law Enforcement Social Media Podcast published weekly on iTunes.

So just who are those voices behind the microphone? We're three police officers here in Southern California who not only manage our department's social media pages but have a passion for law enforcement social media in general.

Mike Bires

Mike started LawEnforcement.Social as a website for LESM managers to obtain tools, tips and information about this newly ventured area for law enforcement officers. Mike is passionate about LESM and is constantly striving to take his skills to the next level, while bringing you along for the ride. He wants nothing more than to help other LESM managers excel with him.

You can follow Mike on Twitter @iSocialCop and LinkedIn at

Marc Marty

Marc is a sergeant at his agency where he developed and implemented their current social media program and currently manages it. He is a lover of all technology and has become obsessed with learning everything there is to know about podcasting. He is determined to produce the best podcast show related to LESM.

Arlen Castillo

Our newest member of the podcast team is Arlen Castillo. In little under two years, Arlen has managed to bring her department's Facebook page from being nothing to being a leader in the area. She constantly strives for new ways to provide content on the page and is a thought-leader when it comes to new ideas and trying different techniques for engagement with her community.