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Saving A Child's Life Through Social Media

Saving A Child's Life Through Social Media

"he didn't realize anything was awry until Wednesday morning when he saw an Amber Alert about the alleged kidnapping on social media."

After I woke up this morning, I did my daily ritual of checking the news for anything that might need my attention. In doing so, I came across this article on my local ABC Television website, titled "Babysitter Calls 911 To Say He's Watching Abducted Child."

Naturally, I read the article and couldn't help to stop when I saw the quote I opened this article with. Albeit the kidnapping was made publicly available through an Amber Alert, it appears that Amber Alert was pushed on social media.

Once again, this great tool comes to the aid of law enforcement. Good job, Des Moines PD.

Click here to read the article. Photo courtesy of KOMO.