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Video, Cops And Twitter - Let's Get It On!

Video, Cops And Twitter - Let's Get It On!

So when something new hits a social media platform, it's like Christmas. Some new feature or design seems to awaken the creative thoughts in my head. Last night, when I did my last check of social media for the day, I hit the Twitter app button to be surprised with a blue screen appearing on the phone.

Unlike the "blue screen of death" this was "the blue screen of life!" The words on the screen told me I could finally add video to my tweets. I along with others have wanted to do this for a long time. Thank you Twitter for bringing this to the masses.

In looking at how to do it, I found that the feature was actually announced as early as January 15th, 2015. It's just taking a while to roll it out to everyone.

"As I lay me down to sleep, I hope Twitter video will be neat"

Before I fell asleep, I thought of how or what I could do to test out this video feature. It came to me and I couldn't wait to get to work to try it out (that's what happens to tech geeks like me, we can't wait to play with something new).

So knowing I had to distribute some Girls Scout cookies to my co-workers the following day, I came up with something fun...

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Getting ready to hit the streets! And yes, we believe in supporting the 5 skills of">">">

— Azusa Police (@AzusaPD)">February 18, 2015

How Hard Is It?

I won't go into step-by-step detail on how to make a video, because it really is pretty easy to figure out. To make a video, you just hold the button down and record in segments. If you mess up, just hold down the icon of the particular video segment you want to delete, and drag it up. A trash can will appear and you will be able to delete the segment.

How Can Law Enforcement Use This?

Law enforcement social media can use Twitter's video feature to further enhance their engagement with their communities. Remember, quality content that your followers want, need and/or can put to use, is the key to success with social media. In the video above, my followers want to see what we do to get ready to go on patrol, as well as they want to see us supporting meaningful organizations.

So whether you want to record a quick safety tip on why wearing a helmet is important during bike rides, or showing the hard work your dispatchers put in behind the scenes, be creative. Have fun with it, but remember to make it a meaningful message.

Click here if you would like further information about this feature from Twitter.

Have fun and captivate your followers.