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How To Fix Nixle Pictures

How To Fix Nixle Pictures

Have you ever seen a Nixle message after you added images to it and published it to the public? You'll find that they look pretty unprofessional because they force all the text to the left in the body of the message. This is caused by the text not wrapping around the picture.

There is a small process you can learn to work around this design flaw. I've created a quick video walking through the steps of this modification, which you can watch below.

It Looks Complicated, But It's Not

Give this a try a couple of times and you'll pick it up like second nature. The steps involved are pretty simple, as explained below:

  1. Type your article into your department's website or blog area. Add any photos and hyperlinks.
  2. Copy the article from your WYSIWYG editor.
  3. Paste the article into web body text area in Nixle.
  4. Copy or create your standard closing or outro text at the end of your message.
  5. Follow all other steps for completing a Nixle message.

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