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LinkedIn And Cops - Doing It Better

LinkedIn And Cops - Doing It Better

Whether you are looking to create a professional resume for your current position, have a side business you want to promote, or need to set up that retirement job, LinkedIn is the ultimate tool for networking police officers. Unfortunately, most of us aren't "getting it."

If you want to stand out above the crowd, then you have to show the world you are different than every other police officer who lists "Police Officer" under their name on their LinkedIn profile.

You can't just be the cop who has an un-professional photo glaring at visitors, and a partially filled out, somewhat "secretive" profile. LinkedIn is for professionals to connect with other professionals. Driving those connections are profiles which stand above the crowd, and encourages people to take notice. A "secretive" profile doesn't reveal much, and hence, will become buried among the other secretive profiles.

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