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Refresher Training: Quick Tips To Succeed

Refresher Training: Quick Tips To Succeed

As we still try to figure out how our blog will run here on LawEnforcement.Social, I might be onto something here, by occassionaly posting little bits of information and reminders. As we know in law enforcement, it's always good to go through 'refresher training.'

Handling Complaints or Problem People On Twitter

The best thing you can do is react quickly. Although we always strive and hope for positive comments, reviews, likes and follows, there will always be that person we just can't make happy. That's the nature of our business, though. Someone will always be upset with a decision we make, be it the victim, witness or suspect!

React quickly. With the lifespan of a tweet not being too long, the quicker you address the issue, the better you make your department look. Also, keeping your cool when responding to criticism will always make you look great, and the other person, not so great.

Don't Listen To The Nay-Sayers

Look, there will be people around you who want to put down your program. Whether they be within the department or outside of it, there are those people who just can't see the positive in things, or have to say something contrary or negative. Stay the course and continue to move forward. It is you and your work which makes your department shine, not "Debbie Downer."

Build Trust Through Personalization

This is one of the components as to why we do social media - personalization. People want to speak with their police officers on a friendly, personal level, and social media allows that to happen. When you are the voice of your organization, and you're personable, you instill trust and confidence.

Block Spammers

TwitBlock is a free tool that will block spammers from your Twitter stream. Here's the greatest part. TwitBlock will let you know how many followers are bogus, and gives you the option to block them.