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Introducing Arlen Castillo, Facebook Code Generator and Content

Introducing Arlen Castillo, Facebook Code Generator and Content

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Facebook's Code GeneratorLESM Podcast

How secure is the access to your personal Facebook profile page and your department’s fan page? Can you access your accounts by simply entering your email address and password?

Law enforcement accounts on the world wide web and social media are high value targets when we’re talking hackers. Recently, it’s been reported that ISIS is sending over 100,000 tweets a day over various accounts. Don’t you think they would love to take over a law enforcement account and wreck havoc everywhere?

Recently, we started using the code generator security feature offered through Facebook. The way it basically works is when you attempt to login to Facebook from a computer you haven’t used before, it will require a code to be entered after you enter your email address and password. You can obtain that code from Facebook’s mobile app, which obviously has to be on your mobile device.

To set this feature up, click on the arrow on the upper right of the blue bar on the Facebook page. Once the drop down menu appears, go down and click on settings.  Once you’re on your general settings page, click on the security tab on the left. Once on your security page, and before we begin with the code generator, click on Login Approvals.

Check the box “Require a security code to access my account from unknown browsers. Then click on “Get codes to use when you don’t have your phone.” At the bottom, select print codes and save them to your computer or print them so you can keep them OFF your computer. If you do save them to your computer, completely rename the document to something that has nothing to do to Facebook.

Next, click on Code Generator and enable this feature. Make sure to save and close out. So, now when you login to Facebook from a new computer or mobile phone, you’ll be required to enter a code, which you can get from the mobile app. 

Now, you’re probably thinking, how do I get my code from the app if Im on a new phone in which you’re trying to get access into the app, right? That’s why you downloaded those security codes, which you can use for this reason. Also, you can click on “I can’t get my code” which you’ll see on the screen, and last, if nothing works, you can report the issues and wait for Facebook to get back to you.

In a nutshell, it’s a few steps to enable this feature, but once activated, it’s pretty simple to use and will save you the misery and headache experienced by others when their Facebook account gets hacked. 

Officer Arlen Castillo of the El Monte Police Department

We interviewed Arlen Castillo of the El Monte Police Department and discuss content for law enforcement social media.  Arlen explained how she goes about posting content for her community trying to find the best content that will help engage her community. 

Arlen will be joining us as a cohost here on the podcast in a few weeks!


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