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Check Out Latergramme and Some Tips For Instagram Users

Check Out Latergramme and Some Tips For Instagram Users

In Episode 18 of The Law Enforcement Social Media Podcast, we talk about a program to make your use and effectiveness of Instagram better, and we talk some Instagram basics.


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Latergramme helps you manage your Instagram content and the scheduling of pictures from one place.  You can upload images from your computer, collaborate on your posts, manage one or multiple Instagram accounts, and manage accounts with your team.

A free Latergramme account provides you with 30 posts per month (these are posted photos, not uploads), 2 Instagram profiles, and 1 Team member. If you add two Instagram handles, the 30 posts/ month are shared between the two accounts. Your 30 posts/ month are reset at the beginning of each month.  There are also paid versions if you wish to publish more posts.

Latergramme is in full compliance with Instagram’s terms of service.   Latergramme does not store your username and password and they do not fully automate posting. They make content scheduling for Instagram as easy as possible.

Latergramme can manage multiple Instagram accounts. Depending on the plan you sign up for, free and premium subscriptions can connect two Instagram accounts, whereas business subscriptions can connect upwards of five.

Latergramme is perfect for managing social accounts with teams. Whether it's having managers approving content, team members publishing posts or contributors submitting media. Premium subscriptions can add up to 2 team members whereas business subscriptions can add more.

The best part of Latergramme is the fact that you can format your text for posting the way you want.  Simply type your content into the website on your computer and when you are ready to post, simply copy the text from the app on your phone and past it into Instagram, upload your pic and post!

So if you’re tired of typing on a smartphone all your text, and want to be able to upload photos from your computer, then Latergramme is for you!

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Some Tips For Instagram Users

Here are some notes from the show which you might find helpful:

Remember to use a link for the one hyperlink you are allowed to have, which is in your bio section. The reason for this? It allows you to track the analytics on people clicking on the link.

What type of link?

Consider having the link go to more than just your department’s website. If your Instagram account is solely for recruiting, then you’ll want that link to go to a page that’s relevant to the topic, like a recruitment page or employment page.


Make sure to place relevant keywords in your username, and consider using emojis as well. You’re allowed to use 33 characters in the username area, so place words relevant to how you want to be found.

In the bio section, you are allowed 150 characters. Again, use keywords in this are as well. It will help you be found and give your page some free marketing in searches.

It’s all about personable engagement

Instagram is where people connect with your department on a truly personal level. Talk with them that way as well. There’s no room for typical government, monotone answers. You can be colorful, entertaining, enlightening and friendly, while maintaining professionalism.

Like and comment

When you see photos you like, make a comment and make it a good one. You want to truly share why their photo inspired you to comment, or what made you like it. Don’t just say, “cool pic.” That’s a trash comment. Give some sustenance to it.                               


Always add hashtags into your posts. Although you are allowed quite a few on Instagram posts, don’t get too crazy. Keep them relevant to the topic or the group you are trying to grab attention from.