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How to Handle a Fire in Your City; Are You Using Twitter Lists?

How to Handle a Fire in Your City; Are You Using Twitter Lists?

Reporting on Fire's in Your Jurisdiction

 In this episode, we talked about the #LincolnFire in the city of Montebello, CA and how I handled it.  We also discussed best practices when handling a fire disaster in your city. Here are a few examples:

  • Establish a line of communication with the Fire PIO and or Command Post.  
  • Establish a hashtag for the incident so that when you tweet out updates regarding the fire, people will know which fire you are talking about.  That day there were two other fires in LA County so you want to be able to differentiate between them all. 
  • Determine who will be the primary agency posting on Social Media.  Montebello Fire Department does not use Social Media.  In the #LincolnFire, I posted all the tweets from @MontebelloPD and Facebook posts to the Montebello Police Department Facebook page.  As the day went on and the fire moved out of Montebello, The LA County Fire Department PIO took over with posting on Social Media.
  • Establish a list of pre-written tweets and information that you can use over and over in incidents of this nature.

Twitter Lists

Twitter lists are important during a major disaster. They allow you to categorize tweets specific to the group your are following. TO learn more about Twitter Lists, click here to read an article I wrote about Twitter Lists.

Tip of The Week

If you have an agency that has had a traumatic event take place, it's our duty to allow them to post it first to Social Media.  Often times we will see the media posting about an event and when we go over to that agencies Twitter or Facebook page and we see that they haven't posted anything yet, we need to sit back and wait until they do.  For example, an officer was killed in the line of duty here in California a few weeks ago and someone other than that officers agency started posting about it.  Read Captain Chris Hsiung's article here for more.