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Live Stream Video

Live Stream Video

As law enforcement social media managers become better acquainted with how the media operates and a mutual respect grows on both sides of the fence, we want to offer a tip which will benefit both the cops and the media.

If you are in a smaller organization, in which one single high-profile incident can literally tie up the whole shift, then the last thing you need is the media calling to do an interview.  So how can we help the media do their job (which in doing so, will help us do our job) and keep them pacified until a full news release can be published?

It's simple. Provide them a sound-bite of a general statement of what has happened. Thankfully, co-host Marc Marty will describe how he does this in this episode of our podcast.

Live Video Streaming

Have you been curious about these new live video streaming apps coming to social media? We were too, so we started looking into them and want to share with you a quick overview of the top 3, which are Meerkat, Periscope and NomadCast.

Mike Bires and Marc Marty will offer you some tips for your live video streaming as well.

Bringing It All Together

By producing a quick sound-bite and a live video stream, the media will have an opportunity to create their story. For those old-timers who want to take the stand of "Why should we help the media?" - here's our answer;

By giving the media SOMETHING they can work with, they will leave your supervisors, officers and dispatchers alone. This means the situation can be managed without any interference, and gives your call-takers a break.

Give it a try and tell us what you think!