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A Graphic Design Tool for Social Media Managers

A Graphic Design Tool for Social Media Managers

In this episode of the Law Enforcement Social Media Podcast, we review a new Facebook app, share a tip on taking notes and we speak to the co-founder of Snappa, Christopher Gimmer.

Who Deleted Me

Who deleted me appCo-host Marc Marty found a new app which gives you a heads up which of your friends "un-friends" you on Facebook. The app, named "Who Deleted Me" is available for both iOS and Android devices. You can even download browser extensions for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera.

How it works is the app saves your friends list, and when you revisit the app, it will compare the originally saved list with your current list.

Click here to visit Who Deleted Me.

Create A Note While Driving

When you think of something you need to remember, but you're driving, here's a great tip for Apple iPhone users:

Activate Siri and tell her, "Siri, send a text message to XXXX." You'll want to replace the X's with your name, which is in your contacts list. Siri will ask you what you want the message to say, at which time you can say something like, "Subscribe to the LESM Podcast," or "Pick up dry cleaning for dinner tonight."

Siri will quickly generate a text message, which you'll find in your SMS message inbox.

Want more Siri tips? Check out the un-official Siri Userguide here.

A New Graphic Design Tool

Snappa If you are frustrated with the various platforms each having their own image size requirements, take a look at Snappa. It's a great new tool which allows those with limited graphic design skills to create properly sized images for popular platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

How this can work for law enforcement social media managers is by allowing them to take advantage of the benefits of infographics, which can work wonders for missing and wanted people or vehicles, along with positive messages as well.

Snappa is still in it's beta stage, and according to Christopher Gimmer, there including a system which will allow users to have their own library of preferred photos for repeated or future use.

Follow Snappa on Twitter for updates and more information, or visit their website here.