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A Cool Trick For Busy Social Media Managers

A Cool Trick For Busy Social Media Managers

So have you ever been driving and had a great idea which you wanted to write down. At the same time, you're driving to or from work or an appointment, and don't have time to pull over. As law enforcement social media managers, the last thing we would want to do is text, type or write while we drive our motor vehicles, right? Here are some cool tips to help you remember things to do...

iPhone Siri And Reminder App

The first option you can do is to set a reminder. Simply press the home button or, if you happen to be wearing a bluetooth earpiece, press your talk or command button. Once the Siri chime sounds, simply say, "Set a reminder to write an article about Siri." Siri will ask, "Here is your reminder, shall I create it?" Tell Siri, "yes," and she'll place the reminder on your reminder app on the IOS system (iPhone, Mac's, iPads).

Send Yourself A Message

The other option is to send yourself a text message. Hit your iPhone's menu button or your bluetooth headset's command button, and after you hear the typical Siri beep, simply say, "Text my mobile write blog article about cool Siri trick."

Siri will repeat back what you just said, and will ask you if you want to send the text. Once you say, "yes" or "send it," your phone will both send and receive the text message. When you get to where you are going or are ready to tackle your tasks, just pull up your incoming message list!