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We've heard the frustration of social media managers and public information officers when it comes to their department websites. Poor design, lack of flexibility, and difficult navigation are the chief complaints. Here's your solution...

We've created a simple website platform which will allow department personnel to be able to publish all types of information without the necessity of being dependant on the city or county IT personnel or having to use a confusing, poorly designed management portal. We've created from the side of the user, as opposed to the side of the developer.

How Does It Benefit Your Community?

With our simple to use blogging platform, your community will be able to easily and quickly access news and information, from a desktop computer, tablet or phone.

  • Viewers have the option to subscribe to receive email notifications when new items are posted
  • Viewers can comment on articles if desired by the department
  • All items are searchable via keywords for easy retrieval
  • Provide quick links to your city and department website, and social media platforms

Sample Site

If the site below does not appear, please refresh your page, or visit

Why Not Just Use A Free Blog?

We know what law enforcement needs in terms of a blogging platform because we built this based on the features we needed. We also gave the platform to "non-techie" police officers and community service officers, to see if they could use it easily. Then we looked at the customization aspect, in terms of department logos, fonts, and colors. Once we completed our design, we realized we had a product the free blogging platforms can't offer.

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