The Law Enforcement Social Media Facebook Group

group pageStarted on August 1st of 2015, the Law Enforcement Social Media Facebook Group Page sponsored by LawEnforcement.Social went live. Facebook Groups offer so many advantages over a forum here on our website, and our Fan Page.

Get Notifications

When you are a member of a Facebook Group page, you'll receive a notice on your smartphone as well as in your Facebook notifications area that something new has happened with the group. Whether it is a new posting, photo or question, you'll be notified so you can stay up to date on the latest in the group.

Add An Icon To Your Phone

Want quick and easy access to the Law Enforcement Social Media Facebook Group. Using the Facebook Groups App, simply click on the Law Enforcement Social Media icon, then the three dots on the bottom right of the screen. Once the "Info" page appears, select "Add to Home Screen." Now you'll have direct access to our group from your phone's home screen.

Control Notifications

From the "Info" screen, click on "Notification Settings." From there, make the adjustments to the notifications you desire.

About Security?

This group is is open to active and retired law enforcement personnel only.  That means only members can see the contents and the other members. If a member of the group is also your Facebook friend, they will be able to see whatever you post, when it appears in your timeline (you'll obviously see your post in your timeline because you're a member of the group).

Ready To Join?

There's three ways you can join this group:

  1. Be invited by a member and authorized by an administrator
  2. Be directly invited by an administrator
  3. Complete the form below

We look forward to seeing you in the group! We will verify your status as a law enforcement social media manager. 

Facebook Group Application