Verified To Work

We don't just post anything to sell here in our shopping area. We post the items we actively use and know will withstand the rigors of law enforcement social media.

The Basics

The following items are what we consider to be the minimum amount of tools for completing photo or video work in the field. We have not mentioned any lighting, as you have lights available on emergency vehicles to help you at night time. 

Microphone: IK Multimedia iRig Dual Lavalier Microphone Kit - $79.99
Why We Like It: This dual microphone kit allows you to "daisy chain" two microphones together, for when you have two people on camera. Use with the Rode SC1 TRRS Extension Cable below.
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Microphone Extension Cable: RODE Microphones SC1 TRRS Extension Cable - $30.69
Why We Like It: This extension cable allows you to connect the lavalier microphones mentioned above to your phone, and move your phone about 15 - 20 feet from the subjects. Useful for when you need to back the phone up to fit two people into the frame while recording portrait (square) type video.
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Mini-Tripod: 11" Tripod Mount with Phone Holder - $19.95
Why We Like It: This tripod can be used anywhere, is easy to carry and lightweight.  We like to use this tripod when we need to do quick interviews in the field, so we simply wrap the bendable legs around a signpost, back of a chair or a railing, and we're reading to record.
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Suction Cup Window Mount: RoadVise iPhone Car Mount Holder - $37.95
Why We Like It: This is perfect for social media managers who are working the field without a crew to help them set up or who can carry a great deal of equipment. Obviously, this mount is great to offer a hands-free view of your phone, but it also does great when recording inside a vehicle. If you're doing an interview near a vehicle or building, stick the mount to the outside of the window and you now have a make-shift "tripod."
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Extra Battery: Anker PowerCore 10000 - $25.99
Why We Like It: You need to have extra power when you are taking photos, recording video, or live-streaming video or audio onto your social media platforms. Your battery will quickly drain, so you'll want to plug it into this extra battery pack to keep it charged in between shots.
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The items listed below complement the basic items and can be used for a variety extra scenarios or assignments.

Tripods and Holders

Takama Flip-Zip Tripod Monopod Kit - $39.95
Why We Like It: Compared to some higher priced models, we love this tripod because it converts to a monopod, as well as a selfie stick. It assembles quickly and is lightweight, which allows for rapid deployment. We actually use this more than our heavier, bigger tripods.
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Square Jellyfish Metal Spring Tripod Mount - $14.95
Why We Like It: This holder will not blog your view of the screen, and holds your device secure while mounting it to a tripod. We prefer it over a majority of plastic grips, as this one locks the device to the tripod. 
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Mega Grip Tripod Adapter with Phone Holder - $14.95
Why We Like It: This holder works well for mobile mounts or tripods in which you need to replace the stock holder with a more secure option.
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Wired and Wireless RODE Microphone System (For Interviews and Reporting)

RODE Reporter Mic - $129.00
Why We Like It: This microphone itself is not wireless, and works great plugged in to a mobile device. It sounds amazing and really cuts down on the environmental sounds near your location. It is perfect for interviewing at the scene where engines may be in an idle or large amount of people talking nearby. Use it with the i-XLR for immediate and durable connection to your iOS devices, or use it with the RODELink Newsshooter kit to make it wireless.
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RODE i-XLR Digital XLR Interface for iOS Devices - $149.00
Why We Like It: This cable connects securely into the bottom of the RODE Reporter Mic and connects right to your phone using the lightning cable. It is very durable and you won't find yourself in the position of looking for a lightning cable adapter when the time is critical.
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RODELink Newsshooter Kit - Digital Wireless System - $499.00
Why We Like It: Use this adapter to eliminate the use of cables between you and your device. This is extremely helpful if you need to move the camera away from where your standing, in order to fit in a second person while shooting the video or streaming in portrait mode.
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Wireless Lavalier Microphones (For Solo Interviews and Action Scenes)

RODELink FM Wireless Filmmaker System - $399.00
Why We Like It: This kit comes with a durable mic, transmitter, and receiver, which is more durable than some of the wireless options we've tested. It has simple one-button pairing and the audio quality is excellent. Keep in mind you can not add a second lavalier mic to this kit.
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Samson Stage XPD1 USB Wireless Presentation System - $99.99
Why We Like It: This kit is versatile, in that you can use it for both presentations or when recording audio into a computer, or you can plug it into your mobile device without any need for pairing. The kit comes with adapters for connecting to an iPad or iPhone.

iOgrapher Holders:

Why We Like It: We like the form fit and versatility of the iOgrapher, as it works great for using it to hold your added accessories. Simply snap your phone into the holder, and slide your microphone and light into the cold shoe mounts to begin recording. The downside to using the iOgrapher, is you need to remove your device from any protective cases before placing into the iOgrapher. Our suggestion is to keep a secondary device in the iOgrapher ready to go, so you can rapidly get to shooting photos or videos.

iOgrapher Filmmaking Case for iPhone 7 Plus / 8 Plus - $59.99

iOgrapher Filmmaking Case for the iPhone 6/6S/7 - $59.99

iOgrapher Filmmaking Kit For iPad Mini iPad 2,3 - $119.00